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In EU, buildings account for 40% of the total energy consumptionand almost 75% of them are energy inefficient.

Our Mission

Our mission is to upgrade traditional building systems andimprove their energy efficiency.

We develop cost-effective and universal IoT solutions
● advanced monitoring and control of energy use
● reduced energy costs and improved climate conditions
● reduced carbon emission

Competitive advantages:
● wide compatibility with legacy systems
● quantifiable energy savings (up to 30%)
● targeted services for specific business domains

Our Services

Customized services and management dashboards for different business domains.

  • Demand Monitoring and Management
  • Operation monitoring Fault detection
  • Remote control Consumption monitoring

European Research Projects

Trusted by discerning customers worldwide, our products consistently deliver excellence, reliability, and peace of mind.

Ongoing Projects

Explore our enduring projects, continuously evolving and advancing, reflecting our commitment to innovation and sustained progress.