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Developing Energy Communities through Informative anD collEctive actions

DECIDE is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to gain a better understanding of how energy communities and energy efficiency services are established and managed. It also intends to identify which kind of communications and interactions work best to encourage participation in energy communities for specific types of individuals and groups, and to test and transfer knowledge in pilot projects across Europe. It focuses on three groups of energy communities: those existing at the beginning of the project, those that will be introduced during the project’s process, and those not directly involved in the project but benefiting from it. The three groups will provide complementary and geographically well-spread pilots such as social housing and middle-class and upper-class quarters in Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Greece, France and the Netherlands.

Role of DOMX

DomX offers a unique retrofit solution for the automation of legacy gas-based heating systems. The system brings several advantages to end-consumers, including: improved heating efficiency (up to 30%), smart and remote control, improved comfort and direct participation in flexibility aggregation services. Through DECIDE, 50 residential end consumers of HERON’s portfolio will experience the advantages of smartly connecting with their heating and the reduction of energy costs achieved through improved heating efficiency and additional revenues from the offering of balancing services to the supplier. Exploitation will focus on engaging more consumers through HERON’s gas portfolio, currently consisting of over 4.000 subscribers.

List of partners

Th!nkE (Coordinator)
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH
Prospex Institute
ThermoVault BVBA
Uni Mannheim
ICLEI Europe
Elektrizitätswerke Hindelang e.G. (EWH)
University Schloss Seeburg


TREA is energy agency located in Tartu, Estonia, providing services to citizens, SME-s and municipalities. TREA consists experts on energy efficiency, energy planning, sustainable transport, energy renovation and energy communities. TREA supports the energy transition of South Estonian region but also in other regions and national level. Agency is actively participating in international cooperation networks, introducing the latest examples of innovation from all over the Europe. Currently, TREA is providing the technical expertise for European light-house project SmartEnCity advising the deep renovation and implementation of smart technologies of Soviet era apartment buildings. Services for smart cities include the energy planning, technical guidance for energy renovation, monitoring of the energy consumption and evaluating the environmental impact of cities/communities.


ThermoVaultoffers a software and hardware solution of electric energy services of residential thermal appliances, unlocking the most cost-effective form of energy storage, while simultaneously allowing for the integration of more renewables through aggregation. Its retrofit solution for existing water and space heaters results in direct energy savings for residential customers, as well as it’s used to offer valuable services to utilities, plumbing companies, appliance manufacturers and system operators, transforming end-users into green, active and profitable stakeholders of the energy transition. The company currently controls over 1MW of storage. The pilots selected here include 2 communities of housing apartment buildings and will further expand to another group of social housing apartments.


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