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DomX proudly participates in the NUDGE H2020 project (NUDging consumers towards enerGy Efficiency through behavioural science) with a multidisciplinary consortium of 10 partners. NUDGE project kicked-off on 16 September 2020 aiming to foster ideas of behavioural science and evaluate the change of consumer behaviour by implementing different behavioural interventions for energy efficiency across realistic field trials.

The 5 NUDGE heterogeneous trials will be deployed in different EU states (Greece, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Croatia) and have been carefully selected to demonstrate effective energy efficiency interventions across different application scenarios (residential, commercial, public, etc.) and to reveal the type of interventions able to trigger the most effective change in consumer behaviour.

The project will employ various different ​digitalisation approaches (meters, smartphone apps, smart device controllers, gamification, AI, ML, etc.) to evaluate and control ​energy efficiency and blend them with advanced ​behavioural science methods, towards ​initially analysing consumer behaviour and ultimately driving them towards prudent energy behaviour. ​The designed interventions will be compared against traditional ones exhibiting striking diversity in terms of innovative energy services and (e.g., PV production for EV charging, DR for natural gas, etc.) and mediation methods ( intergenerational learning), demographic and socio-economic variables of the involved populations.


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