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The ever-increasing energy bills pose a significant impact on the operation of already struggling European households, which are significant contributors to the EU’s energy consumption. Considering that natural gas still accounts for the majority of the EU final energy consumption in households, the upcoming winter season of ’22 – ’23 provides the perfect timing for evaluating the potential of energy efficiency and demand response approaches for natural gas.

In this context, the planned trials of UC15 in BIGG will be deployed at the heating systems of 100 residential natural gas consumers in the Greek cities of Thessaloniki, Athens and Volos. While September is still hot in Greece, at DOMX we are working heavily to make sure that all pilot preparations are completed before the beginning of the heating season. In this UC, the engaged end consumers will optimally control their legacy space and hot water heating boilers in real- time, towards adapting their demand, while constantly guaranteeing the user specified comfort limits. The employed algorithms will take into account the specific building – boiler characteristics and the prevailing weather conditions.

BIGG pilot preparations include:

  1. The installation of the latest DOMX smart heating controller at all engaged users to reach the full pilot population of 100 households.
  2. The development of the new user interfaces: a) the new smartphone application design for end consumers, b) the new energy management dashboard for gas suppliers.
  3. The integration of the AI toolbox for UC15 and the setup of the demand response framework, in close collaboration with IMEC.

Mockups of the new DOMX smartphone application